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FAMILY PACK - 25 self-adhesive and ultra-resistant QR Code labels

FAMILY PACK - 25 self-adhesive and ultra-resistant QR Code labels

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Never lose your precious items again!
The pack of 25 unique labels is your insurance against loss with:

  • Effective Protection : this pack of two QR code labels secures your most precious objects (phone, tablet, water bottle, wallet, suitcase, bag, etc.)

  • Advanced Technology : Troov's QR technology makes recovering your lost items simple, quick and secure.

  • Ease of use : Smart labels apply easily and do not require a mobile app.

  • Maximum Security : Our system guarantees total security, without compromise and ultra-resistant sticker quality at all times (even in the machine)

  • Direct Communication : In the event of loss, a simple scan of the QR code allows immediate contact via a secure interface. Your data is protected and no one can recover your personal information.

  • Peace of mind : Go on an adventure without worry, you have just done the best thing possible to find your property whatever the place/country you are going to.

  • Your Trusted Partner : With its experience, choose Troov, expert for +5 years in the lost and found sector for reliable and hassle-free protection.

Remember to secure your phone, tablet, computer, water bottle, headphones, headphones, wallet, suitcase and other personal belongings that are dear to you using our high-performance QR code labels.

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